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I just learned in Jamf 200 how you can customize your dashboard with queries from Smart Groups.

What are your favorite things to have on your dashboard?

Thanks for the feedback.  This is an exciting feature to me.  

A. Jay


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I like keeping several OS smart groups in the dashboard so I can know at a moment's notice how many Macs are running Mojave, Catalina, Big Sur, Mojave respectively. I keep other smart groups in there if we're monitoring our daily progress on installs or uninstalls.  For Policies I keep a lot of high priority policies for which I have to make sure there are zero failures. I have a policy for installing Rosetta2 that I keep an eye on every day because if a Rosetta installation fails during enrollment, that means there is a good chance a lot of other policies will fail later.  I also keep a few high profile Patch Management statuses in the Dashboard.

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Really nice.  Thanks for sharing that!


If you like dashboards, check out the built-in dashboards for both policies and configuration profiles. Look for the button with four squares at the top of the list page of either one. You'll see everything in a dashboard view. Then you can save the Jamf Pro dashboard you see just after logging in for things you want to monitor quickly.

Nice tip!  I appreciate that. Thanks Moose. 

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Similar to AVmcclint. I definitely look at configuration profiles for macOS and mobile devices. Patch polices. iOS versions. I added a smart group of available SWUs to see which computers have updates available.

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I really like the idea of doing one with SWUs…. Thanks!

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One I find really useful is ‘Enrolled in the last X days’.

Makes it super easy to find your test device, as well as keeping an eye on devices being onboarded by other departments.
I’ve also used the same group as an ‘exclusion rule’ on a number of policies as I don’t want things interfering during enrolment and important app/policy/profile set up.


Another I keep an eye on is, ‘Devices with 10% space remaining’.
I don’t think the built in JAMF inventory info is that truthful, so I produced an EA to get a more honest representation. 10% of 1TB is 100Gb… so you could be really granular and and prevent big software deployments, updates from running and maxing the device out.


I also have a policy running on all lab devices that produces and echo’s a device report of ‘User directory sizes’, ‘files larger than 10GBs. Within the script it Exits 1 if disk space is less than 20 percent, and I use it as a quick link to show me devices and peruse if there’s any users hogging disk space.

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Devices with low disk space...  that's an awesome idea.  Thanks!