Jamf - DEP Enrolled Devices & restore from iTunes Backup

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Ok I have a group of 10-15 iPads some of our clinical staff use. They cannot lose the data on their iPads. These devices were not previously enrolled in our DEP, but with the new configurator I can enroll them. This does require erasing them.

I have backed up the data on one of the devices via iTunes then after enrollment attempted to restore the data back tot he device. But after the restore completes I get an unknown error has occurred.... should this be possible or am I missing something.

Bonus Note: We cannot use iCloud to backup due to HIPPA


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Ive actually just come across the same issue today with 2 new iPhones which were enrolled via DEP , fails restoring backup with Unknown Error


I have done a restore from backup on a DEP device via Apple Configurator 2 which was successful.

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@EduTech I think the problem you are having is trying to restore the unsupervised device backup to the same device. Let me give an example. Lets say you have two devices iPad A and iPad B. If you do a backup of iPad A in iTunes then wipe the device and try and restore the iPad A iTunes backup onto iPad A after you've enabled it in DEP it won't work. But if you restore iPad A's iTunes backup to iPad B after it has been enabled in DEP it should work. I've run into this before and in my experience if you restore the iPad's iTunes backup to a different DEP enabled device it will work fine. You can easily give it a try yourself. Hopefully you'll have the same success I've had when doing this.

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If you back up your data to iTunes, there is no doubt that you can use it to recover your data.