Jamf enrollment DEP / UI Issue

New Contributor II

Hello All,

hpefully anyone has an Idea for me. We using a long time now Jamf to enroll our Mac's by DEP and UI always working fine.
Since a short while now, the enrollment process starts normally, load the MDM Profile all looks good, then it stops by load a few of the Profiles after the MDM Profile.

The communciation give the standard error: Device Signature Error. If i try sudo jamf profles renew -type enrollment, nothing happen here, no changes.

I need to remove the MDM Profile by Jamf, and enroll it new over the url, then it went over the stop point and enroll normal.

This is by booth way to enrollment Automatic and Manually on first time.

Anyone an Idea what this can happen, i search all but yet cannot find anyhting related to it.