Jamf Infrastructure Manager File locations

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I need to remove the above from a Red Hat Linux Box.

Anyone know the install locations??

As always, Documentation seriously lacking on this.


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To uninstall the Infrastructure Manager, use the following steps:

To get it out of the JSS before you've removed it from your Linux box:

1) In the JSS UI, disassociate the Proxy Server from LDAP Server configuration. System Settings → LDAP Servers → <LDAP Server>, uncheck "Enable LDAP Proxy Server" for the relevant LDAP Server configuration.

2) Go to System Settings >> Infrastructure Managers >> Delete the Infrastructure Manager(s) that you no longer want to use.

To remove it from the Linux/IM side of things:

1) sudo rpm -e jamf-im

2) (Optional, if you want to get rid of the log files as well. If you want to keep them, skip this step.) sudo rm -f /var/log/jamf-im*

The above steps will uninstall the Infrastructure Manager from the JSS and your Linux box as well.

If something above doesn't work or you have more questions on it, please get in touch with Support.

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