Jamf Initial Config / Setup

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We are very new to JamF so please bare with us. We are slowly setting up our configuration and polices however not quite got it how we want it yet.

The problem is every new machine we purchase automatically gets enrolled and takes on the half done polices and configs, this is causing lots of problems.

Is there a way to make the machines not touch Jamf for the time being and just have one machine available that we can continually test on?



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I would suggest you to open a support case with Jamf and request a test instance for you to test policies or configuration profiles. This way, your not impacting devices or users that are on your production instance. It would mitigate a lot of headaches or mistakes along the way!

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I assume that you mean via DEP: Apple Schhool or Business manager???
They would only get the configs etc. if you have a prestage enrollment setup??
And, I suspect that you have the "Automatically assign new devices" checkbox 'checked??
Just uncheck it.
The devices will be assisgned to your JamfPro instance, but won't be enrolled properly until you assign the prestage.
If you can elaborate some more, I can help you through it?