Jamf Inventory Display Order Customization?


The way JAMF displays my inventory requires me to scroll a lot to the right to find information on an asset. I would like to customize the order the columns are displayed. For example, Asset, serial number, building, and then room. Is it possible to change the order of the inventory display?


Legendary Contributor III

You can't change the order, but you can turn off some unnecessary columns to make the display shorter in width. It can be convenient to have a lot of fields show up, but can lead to a lot of scrolling to the right as you are finding. But in terms of moving them into a different order, that isn't possible to do with the current version. I'm hoping such a feature will be coming in a future release though.

New Contributor II

I'm curious why, in 2023, would you not offer the ability to sort columns?

New Contributor II

Completely agree. Why are we still not able to customise column layout on reports and inventory screens 😧