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Jamf Pro 11.5.0 Beta is Now Available

Hello Jamf Nation!We have several exciting new features including new Login functionality, Managed Software Updates enhancements, Packages page redesign, and more! You can find more information in the release notes when you enroll.Starting with the J...  View more

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macOS Sonoma Beta 7 removed Extension Attributes

Hi all,Since I upgraded my MacBook Air from Sonoma Beta 6 to Beta 7 (23A5337a), in his inventory all Extension attributes disappear.When I try to launch a Jamf Recon, now I've a message error (Unknown Error - An unknown error has occurred)Do you have...  View more

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Monterey Compatible Macs (regex)

Hi folks!I've posted a gist on GitHub that includes two regexes you can use to identify Monterey compatible Macs in your organization.It has two slightly different strings. You can use either regex in Jamf Pro in Advanced Computer Searches or Smart C...  View more

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Device Inventory not updating Correctly

Hello All, I Have a macbook that will not update inventory. This device was recently updated from High Sierra to Big Sur. When looking in JAMF Pro it shows that the device is checking in properly but hasn't updated inventory since last July. Any sugg...  View more

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Patch Management Dashboard

Hi, I've noticed that when patch management displays in the dashboard, it doesn't display the results in numeric order. Both the Version number and the number of Devices are out of order. Does this happen with anyone else's instance, or is there a wa...  View more

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Deleting Macs from Jamf

We have 6 Macs running High Sierra that are either broken, lost/stolen or in an office that is currently locked due to COVID. If we delete these Macs from Jamf Pro, will they re-enrol if they are ever powered back on? We don't want them using up a li...  View more

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Extension attribute for computer name

Hi,I'm looking for an extension attribute that displays if the computer name is set to $serialnumber of the computer. The purpose is to run a rename policy to machines that has not $serialnumber as computer name.  View more

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Dealing with stale info

This one goes out to the seasoned Jamf Admins that have come in to jobs where Jamf Pro has already been deployed and have therefore inherited, what seems like, a neglected database full of old devices that are no longer anywhere physically to be foun...  View more

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Securing Git and the version of Git

Hi, Given the latest vulnerability in Git, does anyone have a way of controlling the version of Git effectively from within Jamf? I found an extension attribute from 2014 (https://gist.github.com/homebysix/501a3bc5144b77aecc0c) that kind of works but...  View more

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Rename computer based on Barcode 1 Value

Good Morning, We have been using this script for quite sometime now without issue and it has been working for our intended purpose. However, we have a few machines now on BigSur that are not completing and are setting the name to the devices serial n...  View more

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Extension Attribute not pulling back data

Hi! I have this EA but i am sure that it is not pulling back the data for all of the machines that we have. #!/bin/sh Application="/Applications/PCClient.app" if [ -e "$Application" ]; then lastOpen=`mdls "$Application" -name kMDItemLastUsedDate | aw...  View more

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Inventory, without Enrollment?

In our environment, we use ServiceNow for asset management and Jamf for tracking devices that are enrolled. Is there a way of keeping inventory of apple devices in JAMF without having them enrolled and taking away from the JAMF license count or is it...  View more

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User directory set for Inventory

Hi All, We currently have /Users/ set in Applications for Inventory gathering, and have found that things like applications in Dropbox, and "stub" applications that Parallels and VMWare Fusion create cause lots of inventory slowdowns and just garbage...  View more

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Reports Question with groups

So I've been looking around for an hour or so but no luck, figured I'd throw this out there... I have a report that looks to see if a certain app is installed, what I'd like to add is if the result is in a certain static group. So if Mac 1 has an app...  View more

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Installed macOS Updates into an Extension Attribute

Hi All, I want to leverage the "system_profiler SPInstallHistoryDataType" command which will tell me all of the installed macOS updates. To do that I can add a pipe and grep the string "macOS". However I'm looking to get both the macOS update(s) that...  View more

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Model Identifier Blank

I have a system that previously had good data from past inventory updates. Full hardware information. Now, suddenly, the hardware data is mostly empty. I've forced a new inventory update, but that didn't replace the information. Anyone else experienc...  View more

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Detect Peripherals?

Is there a way to detect if someone plugs in a certain peripheral? say a webcam or a scanner? We want to install the software if they do. This way we don't have to deploy it to everyone.  View more

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View software by 'Publisher'

Is there a way to pull an inventory of all machines that have any software installed by a publisher (which would have multiple potential applications)?  View more

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Computer Renaming to Default

We rename our machines at enrollment based off of a user choice in DEPNotify to see if it is a shared, primary, or test machine, SerialNumber-(S/P/T). This choice is used to easily identify a machine based on usage, as well as smart group/policy scop...  View more

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Jamf Inventory gets lost on .vmware files

We're seeing weird errors where Jamf is inventorying user directories for Applications, and when it hits vmware files, you get stuff like: "/usr/bin/du", "-sh", "/Users/username/Dropbox/Backup WD/Mac/Final/Library/Application Support/VMware Fusion/Vi...  View more

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