Jamf is polling me when I log into my Jamf Pro server?

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I just logged into my Jamf Pro server and was presented with a poll from Jamf. I guess I'm old school but I don't think this is appropriate.


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Same here and I agree, not appropriate especially on an on premise server. I will be opening a support case Monday about it.

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@jamesreynolds Like @donmontalvo already mentioned Engage is probably enabled in your Jamf Pro instance.
See screenshot below where you can disable it.


Please refer also to the Knowledge Base item below;
Engage Overview and FAQ

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And the problem I have with this is that the Engage item in Jamf Pro, and the KB, makes no mention of Jamf using this feature to poll administrators. I have no problem answering a research poll for Jamf (I’ve been a customer for almost 12 years and helped with plenty of other research like this), but I do have a problem when it is forced into our management console. They have my email address, contact me there. Or continue the surveys on Jamf Nation.

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Hard agree with Steve. Had a bad reaction to seeing this poll. I'm also unsure if only admin users see this or everyone with login permission is subject to it. Add to that it was poorly edited, with "mac" not capitalized, and the box itself was obtrusively large.

I disabled Engage immediately. Won't be enabling again until I see a release note the feature has been tightened up. I'd gladly send anonymous usage data to help Jamf improve the product. I don't want to be prompted to answer a poll in the middle of my work. Split these features up into more granular enable/disable settings, or don't add large overlaid prompts at all. I find some Engage features useful - prompts about product changes for example. This just feels like an overreach.

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That's exactly what I felt was inappropriate about it. I'm use to email being a distraction. Seeing a distraction in my management console appealing to my ego to claim I'm an "expert" Mac admin tugged me out of thinking mode, or "the zone" as some people call it.

I've disabled Engage, which I didn't know about, and probably won't enable it again.

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Meh, I don't mind. Enabled! I mean... ENGAGE!!

I have PLENTY of feedback.

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I had the same thing this morning when i logged into our on-prem JSS. I don't really see it being an issue, but at the same time i see the issues outlined here. This was only a one question survey and it was easy enough to answer it or ignore it, anything more than that wouldn't have been good. Recently we've been seeing the same thing on Office 365 for our users, its only one question so its not so bad but that is something we have turned off.

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Yup, disabled Engage immediately. I get enough spam everywhere else in my digital life, I don't need it when I sign into my Jamf Cloud instance.

I'll happily participate in any email or online poll from Jamf.