Jamf keeps re-pushing configuration profiles to devices

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Wondering if anyone else with Jamf Pro has seen this issue.

We have around 1100 iPads on our Jamf Pro install and occasionally individual or groups of iPads will have some or all of the configuration profiles re-pushed to them even when the profile itself hasn't been modified or deployed.

As an example a student had our wi-fi SCEP configuration profile re-pushed to their iPad (despite it not having been changed) on the 21st February for unclear reasons the certificate deployed to the iPad was not being used to wi-fi authentication and we had to manually exclude and then re-push the certificate, now this morning Jamf Pro has once again re-pushed the SCEP configuration profile (and all the others) to the same iPad resulting in once again the iPad not being able to connect to wi-fi.

We've had the above issue sporadically for 3+ years but in the last month the number of occurrences has jumped and we've had 30+ students unable to connect to wi-fi until we re-push the profiles.


Other issues that we've seen that seem to be related to this issue:

  • Duplicate 'School email' instances because the email configuration profiles seem to have overlapped
  • Blank certificates pushed from configuration profiles that show up on the iPad as 'Certificate details are password protected until installed' which prevents MDM communication


We've worked with Jamf support a few times with different occurrences but the underlying issue never seems to get solved.





Did you ever figure this out? I'm working on a wi-fi issue myself and am seeing the new configuration profile being installed multiple times every day also with no changes being made. Some apps are also showing they have been installed every day.

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It's been a while but I think it ended up being several things.

1. I found one of the team was using the 'Apply to all' option when saving the wi-fi configuration profile. They were trying to fix those with issues by excluding then re-including individual iPads, but then applying the config twice in quick succession to everyone which was creating even more problems! Once they stopped that problem seemed to clear up.

2. As for apps reinstalling Jamf support had us run a multitude of database queries to clear up tables that had filled up with corrupt data over the years including syncs from Apple School Manager. Our database halved in size from the process. Since then we've not seen any repeat install issues.