Jamf Management Account - necessary?

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What, exactly, is the Jamf Management acount defined in UIE used for at this point? What would the ramifications be if I were to uncheck the "Create Management Account" checkbox in UIE?

Further explanation: our machines are all using Xcreds (which is largely interchangeable for the purposes of this discussion with Jamf Connect). We were previously following the workflow demonstrated in the "One Account to p0wn them all" session from JNUC 2022. However, we are now experiencing issues resulting from PI111014. 

Because we're on Xcreds, at the minimum, we need to create a Managed Administrator account in prestage, so that's what we're doing. What would happen if, rather than specifying a separate Jamf Management Account in UIE, we just tell UIE not to create the management account?

I've read that, as of Catalina, the management account is largely unncessary... but is "largely" the same as "entirely"? What, exactly, would I be doing to myself by NOT having a management account on the computer?


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Honored Contributor II

You do not need to create the account. You can leave that checkbox unchecked. The management account was primarily used for Jamf Remote. You do still need the account info there in UIE, but you do not need to create it on the endpoints.