Jamf Patch Policy - "Adobe Acrobat Reader DC" - Removing Reader

Contributor II

The Patch Policy "Adobe Acrobat Reader DC" version (21.001.20135) is doing the following on test machines:

  • Not Showing any on the latest version, despite being current.
  • Removing Reader from the machine.

The PKG file that I'm using (21.001.20135) installs correctly with Jamf Remote.
I did not have the policy to force install unknown versions.
I've deleted and re-created the policy.

Anyone else getting this behavior?


New Contributor III

Getting SAME behavior for both Acrobat reader and pro

Contributor III

Here not showing both Reader and Pro on the latest version in patch management but their policies don't not seem to remove existing apps. Inventory search for apps show updated versions for both where patch policies completed.
EDIT: JSS 10.26.1

New Contributor III

Same here, no instances of Reader 21.001.20135 are being reported in patch management but a smart group or inventory search using Application title and Application version finds 95 instances. Those with the new version aren't even listed as having Reader installed in patch management.
We've a recurring policy to check and update Reader using the great script from https://github.com/cwmcbrewster/Adobe, it's clearly working as clients are updating but patch management isn't reporting it, all been fine up until this latest version number for Reader.