Jamf Policies - minimize client deley

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Is there someone who have good advice how policies is the best way to build, so users don´t see there computers actually is running client stuff from Jamf.

Is the best to setup policies best at login or once a day - or how are you admin doing it the best way.


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It depends, if it requires a reboot we do it at logout. If its not something that does, its usually done just at regular checkin until such time as it falls out of the scoped policy then it never does it again.

Most policies aren't processor intensive so users won't notice when you're pushing something to them.

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for large installs, 2-3GB+ we always cache the packages first but at the end of the day, comes down to your environment and how you can best cater towards it!

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Depends on the scenario.
For classroom spaces I have several policies restricted by time of day to the wee hopurs of the morning and set to run once per day.
This is tied to a pmset that wakes the machines at 1am every morning.