Jamf Pro 10.10 Beta 2 is now available!

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Hey everyone!

We’re rolling out a number of new features with this beta.

We recommend you test the following:

Inventory Preload
A new global setting that allows a Jamf Pro administrator to upload a CSV file containing user, device purchase and location information so that when the device enrolls (or the CSV data is updated) the user and device information in Jamf Pro will be updated. (Mobile Devices were added in 10.8.0)

Advanced Search Reporting Enhancements for macOS
Added a new “Report” tab in Advanced Computer Searches which allows an administrator to create and email inventory reports for advanced computer searches. You can email a report immediately or schedule when you want reports emailed.

Enhanced Third-Party Signing Certificate for User-Initiated Enrollment
Jamf Pro now checks if an uploaded certificate already exists in our database when configuring a third-party certificate for enrollment. Previously, we did not check whether a certificate already existed in our database leading to duplicate entries.

Also, we added a countdown for expiring certificates, dark mode for Self Service, SSL hardening for LDAP, and more!

We are excited for you to test these features and give us your feedback. You can provide feedback in the Beta Programs “Discussions" area by clicking Start New Beta Discussion, or you can send direct feedback privately by clicking My Feedback. Additionally, you can email questions directly to beta@jamf.com.


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Woah...dude...10.10.0 is going to be a doozie!!!!


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Do we know if this known issue is resolved in JAMF 10.10.0 beta? --

[PI-006374] Jamf Pro fails to decrypt FileVault 2 recovery keys that were signed and encrypted by outdated certificates. This causes erroneous information to be displayed in Jamf Pro instead of the recovery key.

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[PI-006374] is listed under the bug fixes section of the Jamf Pro 10.10.0 Beta Release notes.