JAMF Pro 10.11.1 update stuck?

New Contributor III

This may be a dumb question, but I was just updating our server to 10.11.1 (from 10.11.0) and I ran the .run file, I got to the point where is says "to complete installation open a browser and naviates to https://servername:8443" I did, but it's just the regular user login screen and signing in just takes me to the normal JAMF console. Am I missing something? The version in the console itself says 10.11.1-t1553545638, so did it work but the shell just got stuck for some reason? Can i just ctl+C?

Edit: My prestage profiles also all now say "Sync failed: Communication error. Awaiting next sync".

Edit2: I got brave and just ctl+C'd my terminal and just restarted the whole server to be safe. Everything checks out as okay now, seems to have just been a bug of some sort. If I find time later, I'll dig around the logs to see if I can find why it just locked up my shell and sync.