Jamf Pro 10.14.1 Now Available

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Hi Jamf Nation,

Today we released Jamf Pro 10.14.1, a supplementary release that fixes an issue with macOS computers using Automated Device Enrollment (formerly called DEP). The release is available now in My Assets on Jamf Nation or by request through Jamf Customer Success. There will not be a mass cloud upgrade for this release.

Please note: If you are not using macOS computers with Automated Device Enrollment, you can ignore this release.

What behavior are we seeing?
A certain combination of factors contributes to this issue appearing, including device count, number of PreStage enrollments, the way the PreStages are scoped, and the number of new macOS computers being added to your environment.

What impact can it have?
Impacted environments tend to see longer-than-usual enrollment times. In environments that are enrolling more macOS computers, this can lead to longer workflows to bring new computers into the environment.

Who is affected?
K-12 schools are the most likely to be impacted because of the use of Automated Device Enrollment and ongoing computer enrollments as teams get ready for school. Other environments may also be impacted but it can be difficult to predict exactly when you'll see impacted performance due to this issue.

This fix will also be included in the 10.15.0 release in the near future.

More information is available here.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Jamf Customer Success at success@jamf.com.


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@Garrett.Denney Was this a bug specific to the 10.14 release or was this bug effecting older versions of Jamf Pro? If so, how far back does the issue go?

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Hi @bpavlov, thanks for the question. This issue was present before 10.14.0 but we're not sure when it specifically appeared. A quick reminder that the bug only affects macOS enrollment via Automated Device Enrollment.

Don't hesitate to reach out to Jamf Customer Success if you have any concerns about your macOS enrollment times. More than happy to help.

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Is this referring to the issue where new Macs sometimes don't recognize the enrollment at the setup assistant for quite some time and require them to be wiped in recovery? When will this be applied for Jamf Cloud?