Jamf Pro 10.20.1 Inventory issue?

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Hello All,

After our recent 10.20.1 upgrade, I noticed our computer inventory wasn't updating as it should. Neither my devices, or anything from our workers remote across the continental USA were updating.

I swapped out the update inventory option from Jamf Pro to a "jamf recon" command as a test. Immediately my Slack based reporting went nuts. The relevant message in the logs was:

Connection failure: "The operation couldn’t be completed. ( error 502.)"

Anyone else noticed this behaviour?


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We fought this issue over a year ago. The built-in policy that used the GUI checkbox wouldn't reliably do inventories. We swapped that policy out with a "jamf recon" as you mentioned. We opened a ticket with Jamf on this but never really got anywhere with it.

Sorry can't provide more than a simple sanity check.

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Been seeing this a lot as well. It started for me however before 10.20.1. I want to say either around the time of 10.18 or 10.19. It will randomly produce that error then usually work the next time I run a recon. We're on Jamf Cloud.

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@franton are you on-prem or cloud?

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@jtrant We're on Cloud.

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I found this article by Rich Trouton @rtrouton very useful in discribing the differences between the maintenance payload and jamf recon


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@Cayde-6 Rich comes up with the goods again! Sadly it's not relevant on this particular case. My 502 error issue is now affecting enrollment of devices.

Last time I saw this on cloud, one of the two tomcat servers that makes up Jamf Cloud hasn't initialized properly and the load balancer was sending requests to a non functional server. Anyway I've escalated with Jamf Support and everyone else affected by this I recommend that you do the same.