Jamf Pro 10.28 Now Available


Hi Jamf Nation,

Jamf is prepared to deliver same-day support for Apple’s latest releases as they become available. Compatibility and new feature support are based on testing with the latest Apple beta releases.

We’re also excited to deliver a number of additional improvements including the ability to automatically deploy the Jamf Protect package for a more streamlined integration workflow.

Jamf has expanded its list of patch management titles to the app feed within Jamf Pro, to now offer hundreds of software titles, including many of the most commonly installed apps by Mac users, at no additional cost. We will continue to add titles to the feed, independent of Jamf Pro releases and will communicate the addition of new titles via in-product announcements. You can view the latest list of titles here.

Read the full release notes here.


Cloud Upgrade Schedule
Your Jamf Pro server, including any free sandbox environments, will be updated to Jamf Pro 10.28 based on your hosted data region below.

Need assistance identifying the Hosted Data Region of your Jamf Cloud instance? Check out this guide to find out how.

Hosted Region Begins Ends
ap-southeast-2 Mar 26 at 1300 UTC Mar 27 at 0000 UTC
ap-northeast-1 Mar 26 at 1500 UTC Mar 26 at 2300 UTC
eu-central-1 Mar 26 at 2300 UTC Mar 27 at 1000 UTC
eu-west-2 Mar 27 at 0000 UTC Mar 27 at 0700 UTC
us-east-1 Mar 27 at 0400 UTC Mar 27 at 1900 UTC
us-east-1 sandbox Mar 27 at 0100 UTC Mar 27 at 1000 UTC
us-west-2 Mar 27 at 0700 UTC Mar 27 at 1800 UTC

Next Steps
For real-time messages about your upgrade, subscribe to alerts.

For information on what's new in Jamf Pro 10.28, please review the release notes.


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@kaylee.carlson There's a problem with the URL. You'll want to link to the release notes here:
The current URL is pointing to 10.28 (no good) vs 10.28.0 (good)

Valued Contributor II

Jamf Pro 10.28.0 Additional Reporting Capabilities for Computers: Supports iOS and iPadOS App Installations

When viewing an individual computer record, "Inventory > General > Supports iOS and iPadOS App Installations" displays "Not Supported."

After enabling "Settings > Computer Management > Inventory Display > Computer > Supports iOS and iPadOS App Installations," the "Supports iOS and iPadOS App Installations" field for multiple computers displays "No."


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Why am I not able to see the Known Issues? Any time I go to the page, I get a 403 access denied. It feels like a real slap in the face when jamf tells me they are providing me with "greater transparency", when it is in fact the complete opposite.

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@TeamOC Click on your avatar > My Asssets > Known Issues link
Or https://www.jamf.com/jamf-nation/my/assets/jamf-pro/known-issues

If neither works, the issue may be with your Jamf Nation account in which case you want to probably contact your Jamf Customer Success Manager or Jamf Support.

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I run the update and it seems not really good on my side. I have multiple problems and all my Computer Configuration Profiles changed from System to User based. Some Profiles are broken or without any payload. Upgrade from 10.26.1 - 10.28 MySQL8.0

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Update. Second update from 10.26.1. -> 10.27 -> 10.28 works for me.

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We had a bunch of Notification MDM profiles which were created outside of Jamf. Upon upgrading to 10.28.0 (from 10.26.0) the 'Notifications' payload (previously not visible in the Web UI) was removed from all of them. Existing clients kept their config but new installs failed with a "This profile is missing some required information" error.

Jamf Pro 10.27.0 introduced full support for the 'Notifications' payload but nothing in the release notes suggested that profiles created out of the UI would lose their content post-upgrade. Just a heads up for anyone upgrading where there are Notifications profiles created outside of Jamf.

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@jtrant Were the profiles that had their Notifications payload removed signed prior to being uploaded to Jamf Pro?

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@sdagley No, I try to avoid signing unless I really need to. I wouldn't expect Jamf to take any action (or be able to) on a signed profile.

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@jtrant Jamf Pro has a long history of mangling profiles when they're uploaded if they're not signed, especially if any part of the payload is something the Jamf Pro GUI can't handle. The usual practice is to sign those profiles to prevent damage. It sounds like you've found a new way for a profile to be damaged.

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@sdagley yes, it seems that way. However, the mangling normally happens with things that are in the UI but we don't want to set 30 things to configure one preference, and sign the profile as a workaround. Wiping payloads that weren't in the UI but now are certainly seems to be a new behavior.

I'm being pointed to PI-009430 on this one.

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Hi, is there an update to this technical paper about the automatic package deployment of Jamf Protect? It seems the information still includes manual package upload and policy deployment if you want to track installation feedback - is that correct? I note the initial lines about Jamf Protect being auto-magically installed if the feature is enabled, but I am curious if there's more info here, such as "how" and logging etc.


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hooray to more Jamf BUGS!!!!