Jamf Pro 10.37 is now available


Update 4/2/22

Thank you for your patience as we continued to monitor and work through the Spring Framework vulnerability. Jamf Pro 10.37.2, which includes the patched version of the spring framework, is now generally available. Please see the updated cloud upgrade schedule below.
To learn more about new features and additional information in this release please read full release notes here.


Hello Jamf Nation! 

Today we released Jamf Pro 10.37 which includes the highly anticipated release of App Installers, part of the Jamf App Catalog!

App Installers

App Installers allow you to deploy apps from the Jamf App Catalog to a smart computer group and automatically updates and deploys those apps. This streamlines the app lifecycle management process by removing the need to manually monitor, package, and update apps. For Jamf Pro Cloud only. To learn more about App Installers, please see documentation here


Single Sign-On for Account-Driven User Enrollment

You can now enable single sign-on for Account-Driven User Enrollment. When this feature is enabled, users enter their identity provider account credentials on the Account-Driven User Enrollment page to start the enrollment process.

Note: Selecting Enable Single Sign-On for User-Initiated Enrollment​ will also enable Single Sign-On for User Enrollment and Profile-Driven Enrollment.


Migrating an LDAP Server to an Azure AD Cloud Identity Provider Instance

The Azure AD Cloud Identity migration helps you move away from an on-premises Active Directory to the cloud using Azure AD. Azure AD can replace Active Directory LDAP services in Microsoft environments or synchronize Active Directory data with Azure AD. Azure AD allows on-premises components to continue to use LDAP services, while cloud applications can use the same data from Azure.


Managed Software Updates via API

You can now programmatically retrieve a list of available macOS software updates via the new

GET /v1/macos-managed-software-updates/available-updates​ endpoint in the Jamf Pro API. When used in combination with the previously released POST /v1/macos-managed-software-updates/send-updates​

endpoint, you can script custom macOS software update workflows that suit your environment.


Important Notices

  • Support ending for hosting Jamf Pro Server on macOS: Support for hosting the Jamf Pro server on macOS has been discontinued, and the Jamf Pro installer for Mac is no longer available to download.

If you want to migrate your Jamf Pro server from macOS to Jamf Cloud, contact Jamf Customer Success. If you want to keep your Jamf Pro server on premise, see the “Jamf Pro Server Environment” section of the System Requirements for supported platforms.

The administrator applications that were previously included in the Jamf Pro installer for Mac—Composer, Jamf Admin, Jamf Remote, and Recon—are now available as a separate download on Jamf Account named "Jamf Pro Apps”.


Jamf Pro Resolved Issues

  • [PI109504] Jamf Pro accounts with group access to Settings > Jamf Applications > Jamf Connect can now successfully load the page and view Jamf Connect configuration profiles.

  • [PI109629] Jamf Pro now correctly logs Classic API requests using Basic authentication or Bearer Token authentication in the JSSAccess.log.

  • [PI109646] New packages successfully upload in Jamf Admin 10.35.0 or later.

  • [PI109770] The time to distribute an app with a scope that includes an exclusion that is significantly larger than the target is improved in environments with a significant amount of devices (e.g., 80,000 devices). This bug fix is also included in Jamf Pro 10.36.1 or later.

  • [PI109805] Fixed an issue that caused the Site pop-up menu to fail to refresh the list of sites unless the page was manually refreshed.

  • [PI109842] User-assigned app distribution for apps purchased in volume no longer takes a long time to complete (e.g., 7 or more hours) in environments with a significant amount of users (e.g., 250,000 users).

  • [PI109856] When updating mobile devices via the PATCH /v2/mobile-devices/{id} endpoint (e.g., role updates in the Jamf Setup app), the endpoint now properly triggers the deployment of deployable objects (e.g., configuration profiles, apps, etc.) when scoped to smart groups. This bug fix is also included in Jamf Pro 10.36.1 or later.

  • [PI109879] Jamf Pro no longer fails to load due to stricter generated column restraints after upgrading to MySQL 8.0.28.


To learn more about new features and additional information in this release please read full release notes here.



Cloud Upgrade Schedule
Your Jamf Pro server, including any free sandbox environments, will be updated to Jamf Pro 10.37.2 based on your hosted data region below.

Need assistance identifying the Hosted Data Region of your Jamf Cloud instance? Check out this guide to find out how.

Hosted Region
Apr 3 at 1400 UTC
Apr 3 at 2300 UTC
Apr 3 at 1500 UTC
Apr 3 at 2300 UTC
Apr 3 at 2000 UTC
Apr 4 at 0600 UTC
Apr 3 at 2300 UTC
Apr 4 at 0600 UTC
us-east-1 sandbox/us-west-2-sandbox
Apr 3 at 2230 UTC
Apr 4 at 0830 UTC
Apr 3 at 2300 UTC
Apr 4 at 1200 UTC
Apr 3 at 2300 UTC
Apr 4 at 1300 UTC


Next Steps

For real-time messages about your upgrade, subscribe to alerts.

For information on what's new in Jamf Pro 10.37.2, please review the release notes.




New Contributor

Hello, you forgot to add NoMAD Login AD to the Jamf App Catalog.

New Contributor II

Does anyone just laugh when they see this now? Wild that this Change Management bug is still an issue and not properly addressed yet. It's been in the notices for upgrades since version 10.32.1 and we've had this issue since September 2021  😳

Screen Shot 2022-03-22 at 10.28.30 AM.png

Contributor II

Where is the DownVote Button (?)

I find it appalling, that you removed macOS Support for JAMFpro !

Just run it in a Linux VM on your Mac? 🤷 Just think with one less platform maybe they'll have more time to fix their bugs?

Hi Joel

I agree, we can manage Jamf from a Linux and Windows OS, but not a Mac? For real.

Apple just put out their own Management Software for Macs, maybe I will start looking into that.

@user-fkkztCoRGn, to be clear, this only impacts customers who host their own Jamf Pro servers and were previously using a Mac computer as the server.  Since this is only impacting installers supporting the operating system hosting the server and not what type of operating system you connect to the server from, this does not impact Jamf Cloud hosted customers at all.  

We have long recommended against Apple as a server platform, especially if were talking about larger environments because MySQL on macOS doesn't perform as well so we have listed its not supported for clustered environments since roughly Jamf Pro 10.5.0 which we shipped in June of 2018.  

Apple themselves have moved away from being their hardware being a a server as well with the deprecation of the macOS Server OS in macOS 10.6 (Snow Leopard) in 2009, to the decommission of Xserve's in 2010 to the pretty much full removal of features from the server app in macOS Server 5.7.1 in 2019.  

Apple hardware can still provide great services in your tech stack with things like Caching Servers but we do not feel that it should the platform to run your actual Jamf Pro server on.  

Valued Contributor II

Any fix on the Azure AD Scoping PI?

Read My Blog: https://www.ericsontech.com

Contributor II

"As a result of PI109954, Jamf recommends not upgrading to version 10.37.0 if sites are used in your environment. We are actively working on a resolution."


Contributor II

We updated our on Prem Jamf Pro server to 10.37.0 (Windows Server) yesterday.

Everything seemed ok, but today I'm struggling with an issue, which I think is related to the update (bug?).

Most of our policies can not be "unfolded" with the left arrow. They seem empty. But when opening the policy, everything is there.

It's not a local browser issue, as other admins also see this behaviour.

Can somebody confirm this?

I haven't upgraded either Prod or Dev.  I went to update our dev environment yesterday when I noticed the "sites" bug so I'm skipping for now.  Generally I don't update to a version of Jamf unless it's at least a x.x.1 version or we need to for some specific reason.  And no matter what version, I always wait until Jamf updates their cloud instances first before I upgrade our prod environment.

New Contributor

What is the PI related to sites and where can I find it?

Showed up for me when I went to download 10.37.0 under my account.  PI noted above but I'll post it again.  I have no other details.

"As a result of PI109954, Jamf recommends not upgrading to version 10.37.0 if sites are used in your environment. We are actively working on a resolution."




PI109954In Jamf Pro 10.37.0 or later, you cannot view or create new policies from a site.