Jamf Pro 11.2.0 Beta 2 Now Available!

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Community Manager

Hello Jamf Nation!

Jamf Pro 11.2.0 Beta 2 is now released.

Now with Dark Mode!! There are also many additional features and fixes, please view the release notes for further information.

How to join the beta: Enroll in the Beta Program under Product Feedback at account.jamf.com. Once you enroll you'll receive an invitation to join the Beta Forum, click "Join this group Hub" to gain access. Email beta@jamf.com with questions.

The beta program is covered by the Jamf non-disclosure agreement; please do not share any information regarding your testing on any public forum, including the non-beta areas of Jamf Nation. Use the Jamf Nation Beta Forum or contact Jamf via beta@jamf.com with any questions. Thank you to all who participate in this program!


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Curious why there haven’t been x.x.1 patches in the last two 11.x releases.


Hey @donmontalvo, thanks for posting and hopping on the 11.2 Beta!

Release 11.0 was very focused with the launch of the updated UI for Jamf Pro. Between that and the quick follow up of 11.1, we were able to avoid a 11.0.1 release.

The holidays always mixes things up though, so we will see what is in store for 11.1 as we head into the 11.2 beta cycle!

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I just looked at my beta instance and it's still at 11.1. When should I expect it to be upped to 11.2?

Hey @wildfrog, thank you for jumping in right away! The request for upgrades of all the existing beta instances is in process, and should be completed in the next day or so.

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Where can I find the release notes for 11.2.0? I can't see it.

Hey @happy02, thank you for jumping in and testing this beta! Release notes are found in your Jamf Account, in the "Feedback" section under the current beta.


I'd like to read the release notes before enrolling in the beta, is that not an option ?

Hey @LucasO, since Jamf is a public company, access to information of future releases is kept behind our Beta Program and Non-Disclosure Agreement.

If you are worried about your primary instance being upgraded to the 11.2 upon signing up for the beta, this is not the case. The Beta Program gives you access to a fresh Jamf Pro beta instance separate from your primary instance.

Let me know if I can answer any other questions!

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I know the Beta won't have an impact on our prod instance but will signing up to the Beta have any affect on our Dev instance?

Hey @Marc00, the Beta instance is a separate instance from your Dev instance as well, joining the beta will not affect it. Let me know if there's anything else I can answer.