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Now that v11.1 is released comments are for the production release. 1) Performance still seems quite laggy. Almost unusable.Setup - Control computer and target computer on the same LAN. Both on my desk. macOS firewall disabled on both. WAN is 600/40 ...
Has anyone developed a workflow for using Jamf Pro to apply Archicad updates? Graphisoft's documentation is unclear and old. And any deployment writeups I see online pretty much stop with v18 or 19.
Patch management shows 323764 as the latest version, yet macadmins.software only shows 318164. Did something from one of the insider tracks slip through?
Has anyone else run into issues where macOS users no longer receive Notification Center notifications from Jamf patch management events? For a long time this worked fine. I'd update an app via JPS patch management, and the user would get a Notificati...
When I add Jamf-blessed patch management items (JP10.1.1) to the dashboard it shows me the percentage of machines on the latest version. Since we don't always deploy the latest version, this isn't particularly helpful. Is there a way to have it show ...