Jamf Pro 11 Password Issue

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Hello togehter

I just ran into an issue where I updated to Jamf Pro 11 and after that I could not log in anymore. There is an issue if the password has special characters. But the hot fix is already on the way:

This behavior has been documented under the PI114369 and it looks like passwords with special characters like % & or + will not work on Jamf Pro 11. Next week we will release a 11.0.1 hotfix, which should resolve the issue, but until it is released, I would recommend using passwords without special characters.

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I found this out the hard way. Thankfully someone else on my team was able to verify they could login.

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Do we know why this isn't listed under Known Issues? Is it because it's already fixed, but not public?

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I assume a hyphen is normally considered acceptable as a special character? I was trying to update our API user account and it's complaining about the password. It has numbers, upper/lowercase letters, so the only thing I can think is that it's not taking the - characters.

In my case, I was able to set the passwords for Standard Users just fine. Logging in is when the error occurs.

I think the login window is parsing the password incorrectly, because even when using AD authentication, our AD logs show the user using the incorrect password even when double-checking.