Jamf Pro and Cisco ISE 3.1 Certificates from ADCS

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 We are in the process of implementing Cisco ISE in our environment. We are at the very beginning stages and are doing some information gathering for how we will configure ISE for all of our separate device types.

We are using the "Essentials" session licenses for Cisco ISE so we are not able to integrate MDM capabilities directly into ISE and will instead be using certificate-based authentication against ISE to allow MDM devices onto the network. 

We would be using ADCS to pass out the certificates to the devices but were unsure how this would exactly work to pass local certs from our ADCS server to non-domain joined devices. 

I've seen this doc: https://learn.jamf.com/bundle/technical-articles/page/Integrating_Jamf_Pro_with_Cisco_ISE_3-1.html but just wanted to make sure that the processes in that doc are allowed with our basic license level and also if this doc is hitting the areas that are in question for me. 

What are other people doing to get the certs from ADCS to their MDM devices for Cisco ISE? 

Certs are a struggling area for me, so I apologize for any dumb questions or insights from me!