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Hello! We had recently integrated Azure Active Directory into our environment which necessitates a change in our UPN for the domain and a change to login accounts. Old UPN and login - sAMAccountName@old.localNew UPN and login - first.last@new.org We'...
Hey! I'm trying to better my districts provisioning methods for employees receiving a MacBook. I want to run a script that will ask the user what to name their new MacBook and then bind it to active directory. I want to have the script run before the...
Hello! I'm trying to loop through a CSV of device serial numbers, extract those serial numbers as variables, use the variables and the API to get the JSS ID of the mobile devices as another variable, then use this new variable to execute some remote ...
Hey! I was wondering if there was a way to check if a group existed on a MacBook? Like : If [Group exists] then ( do this) else (do nothing) Is there any quick and easy way to perform this? My scripting skills are still developing so I appreciate any...
Hey! For one of our apps, Flipgrid, whenever some students try to install it from Self Service, the button spins for a second and then goes right back to saying "install". In their device record I see Flipgrid under their installed apps but the Manag...
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