Jamf Pro and Eset Protect Antivirus for Mac Agent Yes Client No

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Hey folks,


   I am sort of new to Jamf Pro and I am having a bit of an issue getting the ESET client on our Mac's   Using Jamf Pro the agent goes on without issue and it seems like the needed extensions are dealt with as well but it is not adding the client or showing up on my Eset Protect on premise server console (v8.1)   I have been working with ESET for a couple of years but I am just a few months into Jamf Pro.   Anyone else have any suggestions.   I set things up using eset kb7324 which talks about eset and Jamf Pro.   Also these are M1 macs so I have rosetta turned on and EEA in the script to add the antivirus.   When this did not work I tried to push the client as a policy using the .dmg but that did not work and it seems like to even do that I really need a .pkg file.   Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Ok it looks like I need to do my homework on Composer to repackage the .dmg as a .pkg file.   Yes it is not really obvious I am a big time noob at JamfPro. 

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We used to have ESET. The Agent gets built and installed by a script from what I recall. The ESET server gives it to you. Then you need to have an action in ESET to look for devices with Agent on them and it will then push the Client to the Mac and set it up.

ESET really want you to use them as the MDM for Macs, and then it is an easy task to get ESET on the Macs.
Its been a year or so since I last used ESET so they might have changed their methods since then.

   I ended up using Composer to create a package file and tried to deploy with a policy just so the user could have an active Anti Virus program.   But got this result.

Executing Policy Deploy Eset Client (Manual)
Downloading eea_osx_en.pkg...
Downloading https://use1-jcds.services.jamfcloud.com//download/ed6cebe71e1442428c3c7510246b8cfc/eea_osx_en.pkg?t......
Verifying package integrity...
Installing eea_osx_en.pkg...

Installation failed. The installer reported: installer: Package name is ESET Endpoint Antivirus
installer: Installing at base path / installer: The install failed. (The Installer encountered an error that caused the installation to fail. Contact the software manufacturer for assistance. The package is attempting to install content to the system volume.)

   To ultimately fix this I need to find out why the agent is going on fine but not talking to our eset protect console.   Once agent shows the device on the console I can use eset to deploy the client.   Thanks for the perspective and insight from your experience.

Check through your package build in Composer. The error that you have there is exactly as it says.

In Big Sur And Monterey, Could be earlier too, there HD is split into 2 partitions. Macintosh HD and Macintosh HD Data. Files that get dropped into the Data drive are ok, but anything in the system drive is not allowed. I had this with a package where there was an icon or similar that it was trying to put in the root of the drive. Or some older packages built on an older version of the OS will also fail with this same error. Have a good look about in Composer.

As to Eset, we had to set up a scheduled task to run and look for any Agents withoout the client. Its dumb, in as much as you have to set up limits time wise, It will look for this week but then stop next week. and you cant say look for the whole of this year. I cant remember the exact procedure to get it set up to schedule the task.

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in the original installation script, the installer is parked at "/tmp" and the installation is running from there. This works fine. After the installation is done, the installer package will be deleted, as far, as I was able to check this.

Here is the part of the installation script:

files2del="$(mktemp -q /tmp/XXXXXXXX.files)"
dirs2del="$(mktemp -q /tmp/XXXXXXXX.dirs)"
echo "$dirs2del" >> "$files2del"
dirs2umount="$(mktemp -q /tmp/XXXXXXXX.mounts)"
echo "$dirs2umount" >> "$files2del"


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Hey folks,

   Thanks for the tips.   I repackaged it but still was not able to get it working so I went back and manually installed the client for the customers just to mitigate the risk of not having Antivirus active.   For now I am going to back away from using Jamf to install the client.    Oddly the ESET agent has always installed fine but these agent do not talk to my on premise ESET server running ESET protect 8.1   Just to keep things from getting to confusing I may restart this topic from the standpoint of why the agent does not talk to the eset server.   If it would just talked to the server I am confident I can use that to deploy the client easily.

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Hi, @Michael_Lynn if you use the original installation script (see above in my spoiler) , the installation of ESET EES will work like a charm. (provided, the right configuration profiles and ppps were configured, before)