Jamf Pro API - Get MDM Push Notification Certificate

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i´ve check the docu for the old and the new API and didn´t find anything. Doesn anyone know a possiblity to get the push certificate information via API?

I want to check the certificate state monthly on different Instances via API automatically.

Is there a other solution to check the certificate state via API?


Best Stephan


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There's no endpoint for the Push Certs, but if you have an alert on one of your instances stating that the cert will expire soon, you can get that from the Notifications endpoint. I use a script that checks for notifications once a week and informs me if there are any. 

hey, is this script public or can you provide more details on your script?




I do have that one, I think that is an older one that I’ve used, not sure if the “days” portion is updated. But it will give you your notifications. When I get to my updated one I use in production, I can share it with you as well.