Jamf Pro App installation no ABM

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The company i work for will not hand over the ABM account for me to get the VPP token set up in order to have apps installed through Jamf Pro... Is it possible to download and install apps without ABM? I tried to install it with Mac Store Apps since they're all free apps getting installed but it wont work in self service and claims that the Jamf Pro server can't be reached... Im i right to think i must have ABM?

Felt like this was a question i asked before purchasing... they said yes but i think that is false. Also there are no previous posts about this so hopefully we can answer it for other new admins like myself.



Hi @yekilaros, for iOS devices you will need apps from ABM. You could tell them to download apps in ABM for you, but you still have to link ABM with your Jamf instance. Maybe you can work out things together with them.

You don't need ABM for apps on macOS. You can package apps by yourself or use projects like Installomator on GitHub: https://github.com/Installomator/Installomator

If you want to use Automated Device Enrollment (ADE) then you also need access to ABM.

There are different roles in ABM which they could add you like Content Manager and or Device Enrollment Manager