JAMF Pro (Cloud) and Tableau Integration

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Hi all, been looking around the past few weeks on some information on getting Tableau and JAMF to play nice so I can make use of Tableau's nice visual reporting for our environment. Haven't really found anything substantial.

I did find a JAMF Marketplace post (https://marketplace.jamf.com/details/jamf-tableau-integration/) but all the links seem broken, and it looks to be catered more towards On-Prem environments anyway.

Wondering if anyone has had experience on using the two together? Thank you!



@zbrooks we have restored this project on GitHub, sorry for the inconvenience. It was caught in a recent round of cleaning. The code hasn't been updated in awhile. It could still work but please leave feedback here or on the Issues page. This would be greatly appreciated.

Jamf <-> Tableau Integration