Jamf Pro, Jamf Connect, Okta

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Hello everyone, I am fairly new to Jamf so I hope you can point me in the right direction. We currently have JSS setup as an SSO app in Okta for our IT admins to access. We do not however have Jamf Connect set up within our Jamf Pro environment from what I can tell by going to settings > Jamf Applications > Jamf connect ("Cloud Services Connection Required").  We would love to integrate Okta further with Jamf to perform things such as: changing computer name, adding onto the department and building fields, location to users, creating static groups based on these fields and so on. So my question to you is, could you link me some documents on how to correctly integrate Okta with Jamf . From what I have been reading on some of the forums, you must use Jamf connect to do so but I also saw a youtube video where Okta workflow has been used to automate processes. What are your recommendations on this and how is yours setup?


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Try to configure you Okta instance as an LDAP Server under Settings - System Settings - LDAP Servers.

Jamf Connect is a custom login authentication method that is installed on the computers to allow sign ins with a users Okta credentials.