Jamf Pro Patch Managment Best Practies

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Hello Commuinity,
I am currently looking for the easiest and best way to update all apps via patch management. Can you tell me how you do it and what is the easiest and most automated way? Gladly also via external tool SaaS?


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I already have to make the packages for the original installs, update the packages regularly, and maintain polices for new installs. Its just a few more clicks to make a "force" policy in addition to my "on demand" policy. I scope the "force policy" to devices with apps that our not current and update it every 6 months or so.


I know its not automatization, but this is what I do for our some 300 apps I maintain. Its literally just copy the policy when I update the package and set a force trigger with a smart group. JAMFs patch management kinda sucks, and you need the Policies for new installs anyway.

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I don't have the luxury of using/testing App Installer (I am not on Jamf Cloud) but if you are, you should take a look into it: