Jamf Pro Policy Automation

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We have been leveraging Autopkgr for our package management and have been using the built in Patch Management tool for patching. I am looking to further leverage Autopkgr or any other tools you all might have used to automate the policy updates. For patching we don't use the install smart groups that come default with Autopkgr and instead just manually update the pkgs from Autopkgr in Patch Management.  

We are looking into supplementing this with Autopkgr install-smart smart groups. We noticed with Autopkgr you can only create/update single policies per recipe and that secondary recipes won't run/update policies because the pkg is already there. 

We are just reaching to to see what y'all experiences have been with this and if there are any tools for policy automation y'all have heard of/have experience with. I looked into Jamf policy editor lite but the automation there was not exactly what we looking for. Thanks in advance!


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There's a flag in JSSImporter to run the policy even though the pkg is there. You should be able to set STOP_IF_NO_JSS_UPLOAD=False in your recipe to have it run again even with the package there.

That being said, you should probably look at JamfUploader.  JSSImporter is deprecated and won't be updated.  Pending changes the the JamfAPI are reported that they're going to break JSSImporter.