Jamf Pro Remotely add Configuration Profiles

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Had a iPad come into Jamf and it was selected to the wrong pre-stage enrollment. Along with that, it got the wrong configuration profiles.

I've unassigned the iPad from the incorrect pre-stage and assigned it to the new one. But I'm having trouble finding how to assign and replace new configuration profiles.

Is there a way to remotely assign configuration profiles to a device in Jamf that was mislabeled in this way?


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You can go in to each Configuration Profile and add the iPad to the scope.

Your best bet is to erase the iPad and remove from Jamf and re-enroll using the correct pre-stage enrollment.

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When you are in the configuration profiles section, navigate to "Scope" here is where you can add or remove specific devices, device groups, users, etc for that specific profile. It is also in this section you can set limitations or exemptions, so lets say i have a student iPad, thats a shared iPad, but I want to keep it in the Students device group but get a different config profile. What I would do is go to the Student Config Profile and exempt that iPad from receiving the profile, then go into my shared iPad Config Profile and add the device to that profiles scope so that it installs the shared iPad config profile. That really is the best way to acheive your goals. As well, make sure you have gone into the device itself and made sure it is labeled appropriately. Otherwise your data is just gonna be a hot mess.