Jamf pro Single Sign-On Error

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Hi all,

I'm new to Jamf and want to make sure this is normal behavior.

Every day and sometimes even more at the login to jamfcloud I get the Single Sign-On Error message.

And I have to clear the history to get in.

The sso is defined in azure and this behavior occurs only in jamf and not in any other application defined in azure and uses sso.

And it also happens to those who go to jamfcloud.com/enroll.




Hello there 

We do get this issue with environment from time to time with our SSO sessions. We normally run in Private windows as our SSO accounts are linked to our admin accounts not our staff ones. If this error comes up we just re-launch from the App in My Apps (microsoft.com)

For your enrolment issue that one has not been a problem for us but we are using a Standard JAMF account for enrolment.   

Also kind of making an assumption that your Azure configuration is setup using JAMF gallery app in Azure with SAML? If so might want to check the App permissions in Azure. 

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I use a different browser just for Jamf and there it happens all the time. I did not find any issues with the app in Azure.


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How Salesforce related here?