Jamf Pro versus Jamf School

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So I'm tasked to present the differences between Jamf Pro and Jamf School of my employer, a school (university).

On the Jamf site they promise that functionality and management options are similar.

What is your experience? Do you mis anything from Jamf School?

What I mostly use of Jamf Pro is: app catalog & patch management, software update via MDM commands, wipe and application installation.

I'm sorry, I'm only familiar with Jamf Pro, and my request to demo Jamf School is denied unfortunately (not enough time because of understaffing).


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I would suggest reaching out to your Jamf Rep (the one who set up the Jamf Pro demo for you) and have them send you documentation detailing the differences between Jamf Pro and Jamf School.

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Have in mind that Jamf School does not support any secure certificate distribution methods which could be a deal breaker for many that need it to authenticate to Wi-Fi's. The only possible method in Jamf School is SCEP without any proxy which means that the challenge is easily compromised. Jamf Pro can act as a ADCS proxy which adds another layer of security and is the recommended solution according to me.