Jamf Pro VPP question/issue


Originally I had 2 VPP accounts in Jamf, one that was global and one that was site specific as I wanted the user to manage their own apps but not give global access to Jamf.


Now in Jamf Pro, my global VPP and this site VPP apparently have the same token AND the same apps associated, this is causing duplicate apps to be added to Jamf Pro, like "Microsoft Teams" and "Microsoft Teams - Site" for example. I tried to get a new token in ASM for the site but the token is apparently shared now and says it's already in use. If I delete the site VPP account from Jamf, will it affect my global account? Since they appear to be mirrored, I am hesitant to do this or can I at least stop the duplicate accounts from being created?

Is there a better solution to this? The whole reason we had the second account in the first place was because for whatever reason when we tried assigning an app to a site, the codes wouldn't work unless it was global, Jamf wouldn't read the licenses, plus they wanted some apps in Self Service vs a push so we essentially had to have 2 versions for some apps.


Thank you