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I have a bunch of apps for iPads that are deployed to devices in a specific site but the apps don't live in that site, they are top level. If I attempt to move the apps over to the designated site, they lose their licenses, likely because the purchas...
Originally I had 2 VPP accounts in Jamf, one that was global and one that was site specific as I wanted the user to manage their own apps but not give global access to Jamf. Now in Jamf Pro, my global VPP and this site VPP apparently have the same to...
I am running into a couple of problems. We have a college that gives their students an iPad that is Jamf configured. This year they opted to allow students to "BYOD" but still use Jamf. I am struggling here with Smart Groups. I have made one that see...
I can't really find anything on this. I can get Smart Device groups with the api or get a specific group, is there a way I could list the devices in a smart device group by ID?
I am trying to use Jamf webhooks to post to Slack and MS Teams. Basically I have the webhook post to my flow URL, which then goes to a Slack post with whatever I data I want from the response. All I get back to Slack is est Webhook1581022285529151Sma...