Jamf Pro with Homebrew? possible for updates?

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Good morning,
I am unfortunately im new at Homebrew and hope here someone has experience with Jamf + Homebrew! Is it possible updates for programs like Firefox - Chrome etc. per Homebrew zuerteilen? I think of terminal commands that are distributed via Jamf! Does anyone have experience with this topic and can give me tips?


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While technically possible I would not recommend it.
Homebrew is very single user focused. You'd have to cast every command as the user who installed/uses homebrew. Otherwise you would cause a lot of permission changes everytime. Also brew wouldn't event run in root context.

This is all by design. Not that I agree with their choices though.

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What you can do is check out "Installomator" (https://github.com/scriptingosx/Installomator), which does something similar (in a way) and can be automated via Jamf Policies....

Bye, Fridolin.

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Thanks for the reply, do you have an alternative how best to manage the updates of each program?!