Jamf Recon: Causing OneDrive Files On-Demand to download when gathering app usage info

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Hi Everyone,

Having some trouble with Jamf Recon & OneDrive Files On-Demand.
When running "sudo jamf recon" to update the inventory when it gets to "Gathering application usage information..." I get a notification from OneDrive saying "jamf" is downloading files from OneDrive, would you like to block, allow etc.

I would like to use the Files On-Demand feature in OneDrive for my users. Microsoft have a OneDrive configuration guide on their site and one of the settings is "Block apps from downloading online-only files", but I cannot get this to work at all.

We are using the standalone version of OneDrive.

Has anyone come across this issue or have any ideas?

Screenshot "sudo jamf recon -verbose"

Of course it's one of those things you spend a bunch of time on, get no where, then as soon as I make a post find that the cause of the problem is in fact my own.
I won't remove this post in-case someone else runs into the same thing.

The culprit: Inventory Collection > Software > Custom Search Path > Path: ~/
At some point I guess I added this and forgot about adding "~/", I even checked Inventory Collection during my troubleshooting but didn't pickup on it, confirmed that once I removed it the problem goes away.



interesting - i have this same issue but i dont have that custom search path setup, only custom on is /users.

Blocking it as in the pic helps, but i dont know how to replicate that to the other users.

anyone have suggestions?

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@beeboo Did you adopt the EA from the thread users running OneDrive thread? That would probably trigger hydration.

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@beeboo You really don't want to have /Users as a custom search path for Inventory collection as it will potentially include a lot of data.


@sdagley no EA for onedrive

and to your second point, i see now that the custom search is only for Applications, which would not benefit me at all lol.
good point and thank you, ive made the changes.

lastly, i found the ini but i also found a .dat file with the same name. i cant make sense of anything in the .dat file but if i were to make changes to the inid oing echo “BlockedHydrationApp = jamf2” >> (filelocation) works in that it writes it, but once you quit and reopen onedrive the line goes away and you are back to whatever you did via the GUI only

EDIT: quick test showed that quitting onedrive then issue the aforementioned command works as expected - entry is persistent after multiple restarts of the application

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@beeboo That was some persistent digging :-) Interesting that you have to block multiple instances of the jamf process, which are all named jamf, by appending numbers to the name


i added jamf2 to test to see if what i added would stick.
and to be safe i added selfservice in case SS kicked off a recon or something that would trigger it.

i wasnt sure what the difference between jamf and jamfagent was, though i think jamfagent is recon, so i figured better safe than sorry! lol

i did your 2 suggestions btw :)