JAMF Software AMA w/ Charles Edge *Link in description*

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Charles Edge, of Krypted.com, along with a team of Apple device management experts from JAMF Software, are hosting an AMA (Ask Me Anything) on Reddit today until 3PM CDT. Redditors will challenge them to provide real answers to real challenges with Apple device management. Check it out for a whole bunch of fun Apple device management conversation!



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I'll be sure to post some spicy memes in that thread, thanks for the notice!

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Thanks for posting. Good to know.

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There weren't nearly enough memes in there! Next time... And thanks to all who participated, both from JAMF and customers providing feedback!

Much love, ya'll!


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Well I must say that despite absolutely hating much of the new community.jamf.com format on macOS browser - the oversize buttons and user info text, the undersized content text, the way a mouseover of the username link obscures the link and prevents following the link if you move your mouse at all... the wasted whitespace on the right reserved for the Related Topics box of links which doesn't even scroll down the side of the page (properly in my feeling it should be an overlay box that you can dismiss.)

Which is how I wound up here, a related topic to something not really at all related (something about MS Edge... Ooh!), but I had never realized that there was an AMA from Charles Edge whilst at JAMF, so I'm going to go digest this tidbit from the good old days when JamfNation was easily parseable and Macs could be managed without a bunch of acronyms and required user interactions. 8-D