Jamf Teacher app lock changes layout?

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I received this feedback from one of our teachers testing out Jamf Teacher-

When I take control and lock them in an app, it literally clears their ipads from all other apps. Which is great! Except when I clear the locks on my end, all of their apps end up in different locations on their device. So I had a few angry students that spend hours organizing and categorizing folders and apps then suddenly I come along and clear things and then their apps are all messed up and scattered. That isn't a nice feature of this app for sure. I get it. I love having my iPad organized by apps I use and in folders. It's a shame that this developer didn't think of that aspect of things when designing the app. Just a little feedback for you.

Are others experiencing this?


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Just experienced the same thing today in our first test of Jamf Teacher

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Im afraid this is how its been for ages. There is no way to reset the layout with groups on the iOS side after using the restrict applications functionality.

This will be an unfortunate side-effect until there is an update on the framework form Apple.

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We are experiencing the same thing and feel your pain! I just submitted a feature request for this very issue.

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This has not worked for me.

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Can you provide a little more information about what is not working?

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New Session with restricted Apps (only a subset of the installed apps on the device) start session on student iPads
works as expected - hides all apps instead of these allowed apps.
after the session all apps appears - but in random order.
that is pain for everyone how doesn't use the search and need the correct location of an app on the homescreen.