JAMF temp folder corrupted and filling up HD

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Hi All, I'm wandering if anyone else has seen this issue.

Ive logged it with Jamf support but they haven't found a solution as of yet

We have about 100 MacBook where the Hard drive filled up. we worked out it was in the /Library/Application Support/JamF/temp where a tmp file just kept getting bigger and bigger to the point of filling up the HD. the tmp folder isn't always the same name and the macOS isn't consistent either. we are struggling to find a common denominator.

At this stage we have had to set a policy to delete files in this folder at check in to prevent it from continuing ...not the best scenario I know

any assistance would be awesome ! :)


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I'd look in the History Logs for an affected device and see which policies are running multiple times. Pare that down so policies are only run weekly, monthly or once per machine. E.G. I only run my Flash update policy once per week. I only run my turn-on Chrome autoupdate once per machine.

I think the more important question is: Whats in the folder? Show a screenshot. My guess is you have a policy (or package) that is not auto-deleting after completion.

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thanks @larry_barrett it ended out being a policy that was waiting for a user response therefore it didnt auto delete

I also have this issue.  @ tguyers360 do you have a copy of the policy you used