JAMF to SCCM - Smart or Static Groups

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Hi All,

Is there a way that the members of Smart or Static Groups can be reported to SCCM via the plugin?

For example, if i had a static group XYZ of computers - i would like to be able to know which computers are in this XYZ group?



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Have you looked at webhooks? You can send a hook upon membership change and use the API to integrate. I haven't used the plugin in a very long time, and even when I did use the plugin I was just helping people set it up. I never actually used it in my environments.

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Hello @dmorgan_ISC

Do you know what WMI class or SQL Server table for the SCCM database you would want this information mapped to?

It is possible to map data from the Jamf Pro API to the Hardware Inventory (HINV) by modifying the XSL files included with the plug-in including custom WMI classes you create in the Configuration Manager Console. See the post Does the JSS SCCM Plugin Allow for additional WMI Classes? for more information and an example.