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Hi all,

I am completing the training courses for the Jamf Jamf 100 Course.

I just need some help with completing a task and understanding the process

What I have done is I have created a file in terminal on my Mac titled 'review' and its on my desktop.

I have created a file within the 'review' directory titled 'review.txt'

What I want to do now is create an executable script that: includes the author, date created, and version number.
includes a line to open Safari to the Jamf website.

any help would be appreciated here


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Hi Jason,

There are some good getting started with scripting topics in https://trainingcatalog.jamf.com/#management-topic_scripting

Also, you will see that a lot of examples in Jamf Nation are in the shell language "bash". It's a good place to start (bash) and later you can get into Applescript and maybe Python.

I quite often search through Jamf Nation to see if someone has already tackled a problem I'm trying to solve with a script and use that either as the solution or the starting point.

Regarding the desire to open Safari on the Jamf web site from the script - play around with this in Terminal

open -a Safari https://www.jamf.com

open is a very useful command. You can find out more in Terminal by typing

man open

In fact for a lot of command line work, get used to reading the manual via

man commandname

Hope that helps you get started.