Jamf vs Airwatch for iOS device management


we are considering moving to JAMF to manage our iOS devices. We are just looking for Unified solution with our move to the cloud. Does anyone have experience managing iOS devices in JAMF Pro Cloud? One thing I love about AW is able to download APP for agent enrollment for devices rather than web based. Any experience you would like to share would be helpful. Thank You.


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We are a k-12 school district with ~13,000 iPads and moved from AW to Jamf this year. We are also a Windows environment with Active Directory, so we did a lot of testing and back end setup, and overall, we have been very pleased with the product so far. We were Airwatch customers for about 6 or 7 years. We use Jamf's PreStage enrollments for the most part, and started with wiped iPads. We had an issue with AW whereby we couldn't transfer paid apps bought by individual sites to others, and that was an expensive problem AW could not work us through. Also, AW's tech support was overall very lame in terms of timeliness and communication, especially so after they were bought out by VMware. A concept we struggled to wrap our brains around was the lack of a hierarchical structure in Jamf; in AW, we had our Distrct at the top level, our schools underneath, and grade levels, teachers and staff under them. In Jamf, we made each school a site with its own MDM, and that has worked well. We don't use departments or buildings at all. We use device groups to subdivide and scope out apps and profiles. We have used the web interface to set up Jamf integration in a few instances, and that has overall worked well.

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@TRCJim Are you running JAMFpro (on what kind of Hardware) or JAMFnow (Cloud)?