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I’m very new to Jamf and still try to figure out, how to use it. Maybe it will change in the future, but by now we have only local accounts. No Active Directory or whatever. While enrollment my settings are creating an admin account on every Mac. So far so good. But in our company, some users like to have their own local admin account. With Big Sur and FileVault it’s a pain in the ass to create another admin with a standard password and asking the user to change this immediately. So I came up with the idea to create a policy (with JamfHelper) that shows a dialog to the user where he can enter his new admin name and password and the policy will create it afterwards. It would be fine to put this policy into the Self Service, so every allowed user can create his admin account byhimself.
Any thought of that? But how to do this? I appreciate every help on that topic.



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Wouldn't it be easier if you promoted the existing user to a local admin? The SAP Privileges App is one solution to do that: 



or you can just use a self service script: 




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So, the first account you create, is that the user's account or a generic local admin? I am confused. At this point, it is best practice to create the end user's account during setup (or at least as the first logged in account). Then, if you really need a local admin account, create that separately  through a policy. 


But, to answer your original questions, JamfHelper can not prompt the user for text input. You need to look at using osascript to prompt users in a script.