jamfnation email notifications: How to "mute"

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it's not clear how to prevent jamf nation from sending me "you earned new badge" multiple times a day. I logged in this morning and immediately my inbox was spammed with almost a dozen messages. Terrible default behavior that exactly nobody asked for. 


sorry to post on the Jamf Pro board but there's no board for "issues with the jamf nation facelift." 


I only want to be notified via email if someone replies to a conversation I started. I see that checkbox. I went to manage settings and it's mystifying to me how to prevent these badge notifications. 


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There was a post by one of the community managers last week about this but I cant find it. Click your icon in the upper right corner of the window, click My Settings in the banner, click Subscriptions & Notifications and finally click Notification Settings. Check the boxes you want. I really dont like this new format myself either.