Jamfnation forum UI question

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How does one change the UI of Jamfnation(or whatever it's now called...community?) so that I can actually make use of my 27" monitor?

There is so much wasted white space on the right and left side it's ridiculous. I don't have the greatest eyes so the current layout creates a certain amount of strain with how everything is displayed. It also forces a lot of scrolling for very few posts.

Does it look nice? Sure, if I'm taking screenshots of it. I'd like to be able to use it in an efficient manner though where I don't feel like my eyes are straining. 

Basically I want this to fill the screen more so I'm not scrolling as much and font size could be a little larger. I don't have this issue on other sites and especially on the previous jamfnation forum.


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I've had to increase the text size also on this forum to make it more readable. In most browsers, that's just Command and + keys until you're happy with the text size. This also changes the CSS layout a bit and reduces the white space to the right. Give it a try.

Thanks. That's certainly a work around but it also affects the rest of Jamf's site which I don't want.

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They seem to be designing the UI assuming that everyone is on a tiny screen.