JamfPro acting as SCEP Proxy, with Haproxy?

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So I'm looking for tip on the above scenario: I've got a Jamf Pro instance, I need to set it up as an SCEP proxy but, it needs to hit a load balancers running Haproxy versus the SubCA/CA directly.

Since the backend communications is HTTPS, I've configured Haproxy in a super generic fashion for port 443. JP can networkingly reach the proxy but JP complains about a lack of communication when setting up the SCEP side of things.

I'm here, hoping that someones done this before.


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We set up our load balancer with an LDAP proxy but it's not Haproxy.  There did need to be a cert and we had to import the certs into Jamf Cloud before there was communication.

What we found useful were the proxy logs to tell us where things were failing