JDK/OpenJDK Self Service Installs

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Hello - I'm looking at pushing out the JDK via self service as most of our end users are not administrators. I saw a few threads out there about JDK 8, and our company is making a big push for OpenJDK now that the licensing has shifted. Does anyone have tips for how to deploy the latest and greatest of OpenJDK? I downloaded the JDK12 package from https://jdk.java.net, but it came down as a tar without any standard looking packages inside.

Are people just using that package and extracting it to the JDK directory in /Library?


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Hi there, maybe this is too late but we have a user who installed OpenJDK and said that it works like a charm. To run applications in a more secure environment an other account like "Tomcat" or similar is recommended but i am not sure if this is really necessary on the client. My advice would be: Run a trial installation on one client, if that works, see if you either just need to deploy the package or run the snapshot version.