JDS - does something replace it?

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Just saw in the release notes for JAMF Pro 10.0.0 that the JDS is going away. What will replace it? Anything?

This is what the notes say on page 16:

Jamf Distribution Server (JDS)—The JDS will be discontinued at the end of 2017 due to the following issues:
Reliance on TLS 1.0
Incompabilitiy with InnoDB for MySQL
Incompatibility with Jamf Pro 9.100.0 and later
Jamf does not recommend using the JDS in its current state, and the installers have been removed from Jamf Nation. For questions or assistance in migrating away from the JDS, contact your Jamf account representative.




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Its still in alpha stages right now but the Open Distribution Server seems like the best option if not in the Cloud. If you are cloud hosted, then the jamf cloud distribution server is an option.

Until ODS gets further along ( YOLO Beta Prod! ), I think a few people are working on, or have scripts that recreate the feature i miss. the upload packages in the web app one. I am working on a python script as well as a drupal web app to try to recreate the process with API ( fingers crossed that it works)

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From what I understand, JCDS has a lot of product issues right now, and I was told they are a priority. Since a working JDS configuration should stay working (according to another thread I was reading on Jamf Nation) you should have some time to properly test.


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I've posted a JNUC recap for the ODST project for those that couldn't come to the session and are interested in learning more: