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I have a closet full of gaming options to bring for the came night.. So far what I have decided to bring is Unstable Unicorns Other options that are easy for travel : Monty Python Flux Exploding/imploding Kittens We didn't Play test this Sushi Go Cou...
So i am having a bit fun in Planning out a new jamf environment. The plan was to have two external limited access servers and two internal w/GUI servers. And having a Split DNS cover the logic of internal vs external.. Come to find out that is not an...
I am testing User initiated upgrades via self service and have come across an oddity that i have never seen.. Normally when upgrading via self service, the user clicks to run a policy that installs based on the cached installer. This then restarts th...
This sounds like a great way to end the night after all the JNUC fun. plus gives me something to do since my flight out isn't till noonish on Friday.
Hi JAMFNation! I have spent the better part of the past hour wracking my brain trying to figure out a way to automate setting up supported users with an internal jabber server. I know that if i do a user level configuration profile that it will auto ...